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How do corporate and retail lending stand in Hungary?

According to a recent survey of the MNB, 17% of Hungarian households plan to receive CSOK support, which could mean 272,000 transactions, taking into account all eligible persons, ie 1.6 million families. The awareness of CSOK is well over 90% of the population.

In addition, the Marble Bank’s publication, Lending Processes, shows that more and more SMEs in the SME sector are borrowing, which can be helped by loosening credit conditions.


What is Corporate Lending?

What is Corporate Lending?

According to the study, the SME loan portfolio increased by 3.4% between March 2015 and March 2016, while the decline in total corporate lending fell to 2.4%, which would be + 1% without MKB Bank’s portfolio cleaning.

In the first three months of the year, the dynamics of SME lending declined, reflecting, on the one hand, the amortization of former NHP loans and, on the other hand, changes in the terms of NHP lending.
Demand for short-term loans has picked up due to easing lending conditions in corporate lending, which is expected to pick up in investment loans in the next six months, particularly among smaller companies, due to plans to loosen credit institutions.


What’s New on the Retail Lending Front?

Retail Lending Front

Under conditions of unchanged credit supply and growing demand, the volume of new household loan agreements increased by 23% year-on-year, within which the volume of home loan loans increased by 36%. The majority of banks expect further growth in demand for household loans, which they believe is supported by the CSOK.
This year, the mortgage loan market will be worth 500 billion forints, which is far from the bubble situation and reflects realistic bank expectations, according to Marble Bank experts. According to the same study, 30% of those eligible for CSOK would buy used homes in the next year and a half, while 9% plan to buy new ones.

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