DVIDS – News – MILITARY STAR Increases Zero Rate Military Clothing Plan Credit Limit to $1,000 and Extends Payment Period to 12 Months

DALLAS – The MILITARY STAR® card program has doubled the credit limit for its zero-rate military apparel program from $500 to $1,000.

The Military Clothing Plan is a special interest-free line of credit for uniform purchases available to all active duty Soldiers, Airmen and Marines, as well as members of the Guard and Reserve. The increase in the limit, the first of its kind since 1979, will also extend the plan’s payout period from eight to 12 months.

“Increasing the Military Apparel Plan credit limit enhances the ability of the MILITARY STAR card to help service members build credit responsibly while giving them greater flexibility to pay for their required uniforms” , said Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Senior Army and Air Force Exchange Service Advisor Kevin Osby. “The MILITARY STAR Card offers this benefit as a service to services, reflecting the Credit Exchange Program’s commitment to ensuring the readiness and resilience of warfighters around the world.”

The increase comes as the Exchange rolls out the new Army Green Service Uniform, which is expected to be available at most CONUS army clothing stores by December and overseas by March. 2021.

Approximately 474,000 Soldiers, Airmen and Marines worldwide have a MILITARY STAR apparel line of credit. Eligible purchases for the military clothing plan include:

• Military clothing and footwear purchased by Defense Logistics and Troop Support (DLAT).
• DLAT organizational clothing and personal equipment items.
• The army’s green service uniform, which is purchased directly from the Stock Exchange
• Exchange business uniforms, underwear, badges and shoes to wear with the uniform.

Soldiers, airmen and marines are eligible for the military dress regime. Sailors and Coast Guard members receive a 0% promotional plan for uniform purchases under the standard MILITARY STAR card retail line of credit.

The MILITARY STAR card is accepted at all military exchanges and police stations. For more information, visit MyECP.com.

Facebook-friendly version: For the first time in four decades, the MILITARY STAR® credit card program, administered by the Army & Air Force Exchange Service, is increasing the credit limit for its military apparel plan. Learn more: https://wp.me/p9Q7PG-1t4.

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