Fixed Wireless Access is a “Killer 5G App”

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), the technology that enables 5G home internet, was among the stars of the Super Bowl on Sunday (February 13) as it was featured in ads during the big game by T-Mobile and Verizon.

Available in some areas, FWA offers Internet access at broadband speed but without the wires. This makes faster Internet available in remote areas that previously did not have it and gives an option to users who previously only had one Internet Service Provider (ISP).

“Fixed wireless is the first 5G application that kills”, Dow-Draperexecutive vice president of the Emerging Products Group at T-Mobile, wrote in a Press release on the company’s website.

Reaching homes more economically

Noting that connecting every home in the country to the internet with fiber is uneconomical, Draper cited statistics showing that 40 million homes do not have high-speed internet and 25% of all homes have only only one ISP available.

Because FWA will be able to reach these homes at a lower cost, it will help bridge this digital divide. Draper reported that T-Mobile launched 5G home internet in April, and it now covers more than 30 million homes and has 646,000 FWA customers.

In the T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial devoted to 5G home internet, actors Zach Braff and Donald Faison of “Scrubs” fame played on the savings that might be available to households in areas that have had only one ISP.

Draper wrote in the release that when consumers have a choice, ISPs won’t be as free to raise prices or charge fees.

Provide another option for connected devices

Verizon also offered fixed wireless with a Super Bowl commercial and a Press release promoting that its new 5G home internet is now available to over 30 million homes and its 5G business internet is available to over 2 million additional businesses.

The company noted that this gives consumers another option to access fast and reliable home broadband solutions for their smart TVs, tablets, phones, game consoles and other connected devices.

He also promoted that the technology is plug-and-play, so consumers can choose to install it themselves or have the company install it.

Manon BrouilletteCEO of Verizon’s Consumer Group, said in the press release, “we will continue to bring them to more and more places across the country.”

In the Verizon Super Bowl commercialJim Carrey plays his “Cable Guy” character and is disappointed to learn that with 5G home internet, there’s no need for “miles and miles” of wire or professional installation.

Bringing Broadband Broadband to Rural Homes

Because it’s rapidly deployable and cost-effective, 5G FWA could bring broadband to nearly half of rural homes in the United States, CTIA, a wireless industry trade association, said in November. Press release.

CTIA reported that 5G FWA speeds vary by location and demand, but generally deliver download speeds of over 100 megabits per second (Mbps) and upload speeds of 20 Mbps – “fast, competitive speeds that can meet the needs broadband consumers”.

“As federal and state policymakers implement historic broadband infrastructure funding programs, 5G to home services represents a dynamic and cost-effective broadband connectivity option,” said the President and CEO of the CTIA. Meredith Atwell Baker said in the press release.



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