Idex and the UK issuer plan to roll out biometric payment cards for early 2023

Idex Biometrics has partnered with a UK issuer of EMV payment cards serving banks and fintechs in the UK, Europe and North America. The partners plan to launch the biometric payment cards in the first quarter of next year.

The anonymous issuer and payment processor is described as “a well-established B2B solutions provider” in the announcement.

Idex notes in particular the market potential of biometric payment cards in Europe. The company has also engaged cardmaking partners, referencing a recent deal with a major UK cardmaker in the announcement.

“Market research confirms that 70% of UK consumers would use a biometric payment card, giving them extra peace of mind in times of increased contactless limits,” says Catharina Eklof, Chief Commercial Officer of Idex Biometrics , referring to a 2021 survey by Idemia and Dentsu Lab. . “As we bring our proprietary and innovative technology platform to market, Idex Biometrics is contributing to more seamless digital payment experiences around the world.”

The company announced earlier in the week that Idex fingerprint biometric technology is also present in the cards that are being launched in the United Arab Emirates.

Visa and Societe Generale launch biometric cards for business customers

In the South, biometric credit cards are now available for corporate clients of Societe Generale in Morocco, reports NFCW.

The Societe Generale Morocco Company Platinum Card is a Visa card. Visa has a partnership with Thales and Fingerprint Cards, including a launch with BNP Paribas in France.

Cards are activated with user verification via a one-time access code.

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