JCB brings the Japanese payment experience to the Philippines with the launch of the EastWest credit card

A new credit card is launched in the Philippines that rewards spending with discounts, promotions and other extended benefits.

The EastWest JCB credit card is the result of a partnership between JCB International Co.Japan’s only international payment brand and the international operations subsidiary of JCB Co.Ltd.and EastWest Banking Corporationthe eleventh largest bank in the Philippines.

Available in gold and platinum editions, the offer will reward spending with accumulated reward points that consumers can redeem for benefits such as airline miles, cash back, or a waiver of annual membership fees.

The card will drive promotions and discounts throughout the year from partner merchants in-store and online with rewards for shopping, dining, travel and leisure.

The offer also supports international purchases with low foreign conversion fees.

Unlike most other issuing partnerships, the combination of JCB and EastWest Bank supports a specific agenda, namely bringing Japan’s “customer-centric focus” into everyday banking products used by Filipinos. .

This element was developed during the remarks made by Antonio C. Moncupa, Jr.Vice President and CEO of EastWest, during the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOA) held at Hotel Okura Manila.

Antonio C. Moncupa, Jr., Vice Chairman and CEO of EastWest
Antonio C. Moncupa, Jr., Vice President and CEO, EastWest

In his opening remarks, Moncupa explained how the new offering will “bring more Filipinos closer to the Japanese experience in general and, in particular, to seeing the famous customer-centric orientation.”

Moncupa’s speech highlighted that the bank’s partnership with JCB is part of its efforts to “meet the growing needs of its customers for financial products that allow them to have more options and better experiences in their daily lives”. .

He added that credit cards will be a new way to better experience the modern lifestyle that Japan has to offer.

The signing was also attended by Yoshiki KanekoChairman and COO of JCB International, Country Manager of JCB Manila Yusuke Matsui and the president of EastWest Jacqueline S. Fernandez.

Kaneko stressed in his remarks that he considers the signing of the MOA historic as EastWest Bank has been JCB’s first issuing partner in the Philippines for 25 years.

“As Japan’s only international payment brand, JCB remains true to its Japanese pillars of reliability, accuracy and hospitality,” Kaneko said.

“EastWest reflects the same flexibility and drive to deliver the best customer experience that we stand for. Your adherence to the values ​​we defend has made our two companies a perfect alliance.

He added that through this partnership, EastWest and JCB would be able to provide “a world-class level of care and satisfaction to customers in the Philippines and bring them closer to Japan.”

For his part, business manager FVP and credit cards, Mia P. Tamayoreaffirmed EastWest’s enthusiasm for realizing and officially realizing the potential of the partnership.

“For many Filipinos, discovering the wonders of Japan is a dream we want to achieve. This partnership with JCB will certainly bring to our customers the many reasons why we are impressed and in love with Japan,” she said.

Tamayo added that the Japanese marvels of “personalized service, meticulous visual experience, convenience, relevance, grace and elegance” are only “at your fingertips”.

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