Manx businesses and independent residents have offered a fixed payment of £ 1,500



A fixed payment of £ 1,500 has been made available to Manx businesses and self-employed residents while the Isle of Man remains stranded.

Payments will be made available to those who can prove they have an eligible overhead of at least £ 500 per month.

The Manx government has reintroduced the Coronavirus Business Support Program (CBSS) amid the island’s ‘blackout’ lockdown and plans to keep apps open until January 31.

It will work alongside the existing Manx Income Replacement Benefit (MERA) and the salary support scheme.

Businesses can also access financial support through the Coronavirus Corporate Working Capital Loan Agreement and Service Interruption Loan Guarantee programs, both of which have been extended until March 31. 2021.

Further details on the Isle of Man financial support programs can be found here.

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