You asked, that is, the most important credit questions

Although our regular readers could slowly join us and write expert articles, there are still many who are unclear about a loan. Of course, there is no problem with that, because we are there to help and we do this in our personal communications. However, we thought that the most frequently asked questions and problems would be discussed here in the form of an article.


The “BAR list”


When they contact us, we are regularly asked if we can arrange a loan for the “BAR listers”. Well, this issue is now being clarified. It’s such that the BAR list no longer exists. It is currently called the KHR list, but it has roughly the same essence, that is, being on this negative debt rating list is not creditworthy at the moment. And we answered no. Those on this list cannot get credit from the banks.


I’ve been working recently

credit loan

We are also often asked in messages about how long they need to be in a declared employment relationship in order to be creditworthy. This is a very good question, because before that it really should have been at least 1 year. In fact, there were some banks that gave me a discount if we had a continuous job for an older hour. At present, however, the minimum condition is that we have 3 months’ employment and an indefinite contract.


What’s the best credit?


Well, this is the classic question we can’t answer. Maximum to ask: Which is the best car? Everyone is different. Because of its many components, credit is almost impossible to answer in advance. It depends on the different details of the property, our earnings, the maturity we choose and the interest period. This also shows that it is quite complex. However, what can help us get closer to the solution is the help of a professional and the calculator of the loan. That is why we strongly recommend both.

By and large, these are the questions that we see most often, which is what concerns us the most. We are still waiting for you to contact us! We strive to meet the highest standards and find the perfect solution for you.

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