Keep your kids and seniors healthy with Biking

Like adults, kids require workout. Most youngsters need at the very least an hour of physical exertion everyday. Routine exercise helps kids

Feel less stressed out
Really feel better concerning themselves
Feel much more prepared to learn in school
Keep a healthy weight
Build and keep healthy bones, muscle mass and joints
Rest a lot better at night

As kids spend more time viewing TV, they invest less time running as well as playing. Parents ought to limit tv, computer game and also computer time. Moms and dads can establish a good example by being active themselves. Working out with each other could be fun for every person. Affordable sporting activities can help youngsters stay fit. Walking or cycling to school, dance, bowling and yoga exercise are some other ways for youngsters to get exercise.

Want to make it extra special?  Visit your local caregiver that does special kids with seniors events like True Caregiving in L.A., it makes it fun and memorable.

Biking in the Rain: Don’t Be Unprepared

Portland Wet & ColdIt’s Oregon and the Fall is nearly upon us.  But that doesn’t mean we need to hang up our bikes and become couch potatoes in our cozy heated homes.  With proper preparation, you can actually enjoy biking in the rain.

Dress to Keep Warm & Dry

First and foremost is staying dry.  By dressing appropriately you can stay comfortable, avoid injury and illness.  Start with a warm wicking base layer, and cover up with waterproof clothes that cover your head, back, and legs.  And don’t forget about your hands and feet.  It is very important to keep your hands and feet dry and warm.  Wear waterproof gloves and consider neoprene booties over your shoes.

Wear Proper Eye Protection

It’s important to protect your eyes in wet weather.  Wear sport glasses that will not only protect from rain and splatter, but that will also stay fog free.  This way you can always see the terrain you’re approaching without having to squint or dangerously wipe at your glasses while cycling.

Stay In Control

I know you love setting new personal records, but wet road conditions are not the time for racing.  Watch out for oily rainbows on the road, take the corners with much care and caution, and give yourself plenty of distance to break.  Your breaks will not respond as quickly when they are wet, and will take at least one full rotation on the wheel before they really get a good grip.

If you apply these tips to your next wet weather cycling trip, you’ll be sure to enjoy it more and stay safe.

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